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    <title>scottandrew.com JavaScript and DHTML Channel</title>
    <description>DHTML, DOM and JavaScript snippets from scottandrew.com</description>
      <title>DHTML Animation Array Generator</title>
      <description>Robert points us to the first third-party tool for the DomAPI: The Animation Array Generator, a visual tool for creating...</description>
      <title>DOM and Extended Entries</title>
      <description>Aarondot: A Better Way To Display Extended Entries. Very cool, and uses the DOM and JavaScript to reveal the extended...</description>
      <title>cellspacing and the DOM</title>
      <description>By the way, if you're using the DOM to generate TABLE elements, you have to use setAttribute() to set the...</description>
      <title>contenteditable for Mozilla</title>
      <description>The folks art Q42, creator of Quek (cute little avatar/chat) and Xopus (browser-based WYSIWYG XML-editor) have released code that simulates...</description>